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De stichting heeft als oogmerk de kwaliteit van business mediators, legal mediators, mediation advocates / advisors en mediation providerservices te bevorderen. Mede in dat kader is ACB erkend door het International Mediation Institute, IMI, als organisatie die qualifying assessment programs aanbiedt om mediators en mediation advocates namens het IMI te certificeren.

ACB geeft daarnaast neutrale informatie aan het bedrijfsleven en behartigt de belangen van het bedrijfsleven op het gebied van business mediation. Verder initiëert de stichting onderzoek en stimuleert zij academische initiatieven op het gebied van mediation.

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ACB Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes negotiation, conflict management and the use of mediation in the private sector and is a knowledge center for companies, advocating the interests of the private sector in the field of legal and commercial dispute resolution and prevention. ACB is specialised in quality control of qualified neutrals and mediation advocates / advisors, negotiation professionals, selection of Dispute Resolution processes and training programs for business- and legal mediators and mediation advocates. The aim of the foundation is to promote the use and quality of commercial negotiation and deal making in general as well as alternative dispute resolution in commercial conflicts and mediation especially.

The foundation was formed in 1998 by (legal) professional associations and businesses including the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW that saw a need for a high-quality infrastructure in the field of conflict management and commercial mediation representing their interests.

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