List of IMI | ACB Certified Mediation Advocates

IMI | ACB Certified Mediation Advocates

Professional mediation advocacy is an important factor to improve the quality and speed of mediation processes.

Upon the launch of the IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification Program at which occasion ACB Foundation was recognized by the International Mediation Institute, IMI, as the first organization worldwide to offer a qualifying mediation advocacy assessment program, the President of ACB Foundation Manon Schonewille said the following:

'Companies are not interested in the best legal result for a dispute but they want the best outcome for their business. The successful lawyer of the 21st century is a client-centered lawyer. Generating outcomes while using mediation advocacy will proof to be a crucial factor in serving clients better. Being an IMI Certified Mediation Advocate does not only show that you are an up-to-date legal professional, it also demonstrates that your clients interests are in the center of your attention.'


Below you can find a list with contact details of Dutch IMI Certified Mediation Advocates who have been certified through the ACB program and endorsement.


eqp* IMI certified mediation advocate March 2014


eqp* IMI certified mediation advocate June 2014



ACB endorsed international Mediation Advocates for IMI certification (2014)

Prof. Dr. Renate Dendorfer | Germany

Annet Draaijer | Netherlands

Aloysius Goh Choong Sien | Singapore

Jeremy Lack | Switzerland

Lorraine Lopich | Australia

Debbie Masucci | USA

Khory Mc Cormick | Australia

Jane Player | United Kingdom

Prathamesh D Popat | India

Andreas Redl | Germany

Mercedes Tarrazon | Spain

Dimitra K. Triantafyllou | Greece